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CHOICE would like to thank Nava Atlas, for her gracious support and help with this project,
as well as the many recipes she has contributed. Please log onto her site at http://www.vegkitchen.com/ for a delightful insight into food preparation
and her vast selection of meat-free recipes.

Children's Cooking Corner

Smoothies, Drinks
and Icees

Fruit Snacks


Quick and Easy

Beans, Grains & Nuts

Fun to Assemble

Vegetable Art

Featured Recipe: Mashed Potato Volcanos w/ Hot Lava


Fantastic Family Feasts

Featuring traditional, plant-based recipes
from around the World.

Mexican | Indian | Chinese
Italian | Middle Eastern | African
Western Favorites:
Entrees | Vegetable Dishes |
Breakfasts | Soup & Sandwiches

Healthy Home & Cooking Tips






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